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Netball Samoa has in place structured development programs funded through the Pacific Netball Partnership of the Government of Australia.

Priority objectives for the programs include:

                  • expanding local development pathways;

                  • building community capacity; and

                  • Corporate expansion and sustainability strategies.


The KidsNET development program is continuing and played in every Government, Mission and Private School in the country.  Teachers have been coached and trained to deliver and officiate the sport and are provided with opportunities to increase their capacity in netball.  For two years we have held a Primary School Girls Competition on Saturday mornings.  We have seen an increase of teams entering into this competition each year.

In addition to the School Girls Competition, we conducted Netskills Clinic for players in Year 3-8. The participants in the clinics showed an improvement of their skills and awareness of the game during the competition.



TeenNET is an advanced netball program for more experienced younger players in College sector.  Players at this level are selected and trained towards the annual International School Girls Competition. These young ladies are provided further opportunity for development through their introduction and involvement in the National Netball League. To support the TeensNET program, a Samoa Accelerant Program was established for players between

14-18 years old. 

Samoa Accelerant Program provides development, education and support structures for athletes, coaches and umpires to easily integrate to the next level of the elite athlete pathway and focuses on individual development.  The program follows three core strands that promote holistic athlete development. 



Netball is the highest participant sport for females and males alike in Samoa. The sport is promoted via its popular development programs throughout primary and colleges as well as the larger community.  Netball Samoa has a very engaging role in the community and boasts a tangible reach in the tens of thousands of people that come into direct contact with NS staff and volunteers at various clinics, workshops and netball events.

Netball Samoa has developed a close relationship with the National University of Samoa Faculty of Education  through the delivery of core netball skills as part of the Health and PE Program for new teacher trainees at the Primary and Secondary level.


Development programs in the above categories can range from four to 12 weeks and engages a specific genre of people that are directly involved over and over again.



Netball Samoa and Netball New Zealand have partnered to deliver the Pacific Sporting Partnership in Samoa. The MFAT Funded programme is to increase participation amongst school age young people in netball and raise awareness of healthy lifestyles

Objective: Foster and sustain physically active and healthy lifestyles in children in Samoa

Programme outcomes;

  • Focus on 5-16 year olds at Community level.

  • Increased participation in Netball outside school.

  • Increased engagement by parents and communities for Netball.

  • Increased capacity of local providers to deliver netball sport programmes.

  • Improved access to sporting netball opportunities.

  • Increased awareness amongst parents and children of the importance of physical activity and exercise for improving healthy lifestyles

  • Providing accredited Netball coaching programmes and umpiring programmes endorsed by Oceania Netball Federation.

If you would like to be part of the movement as a netball coach or umpire, please contact Tusi Fa'aso'otau-Ale via email:



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